Suzuki Dealer Mode

Every modern Suzuki Bike (since 2003 or even earlier) has a so called Dealer Mode. The Dealer Mode can be enabled by connecting the B/W (Black/White) and W/R (White/Red) Cables at the Suzuki SDS-Plug (white female Connector with black rubber cap) at your Bike near the driver seat.

The Dealer Mode might be helpfull to get the FI Errorcode the ECM detects.


The SDS-Plug at modern Bikes are female 6-Pin (or 4-Pin with older Models) Connector with a black rubber cap.
It's available at under Sumitomo MT Sealed Series as Sumitomo „6P090WP-MT Male“ for $4.95 (04.2013).


Signals at the SDS-Plug (depens on your Bike Model)

  • 12V+ Sensor (R)
  • GND (B/W)
  • K-Line / SDS (DG)
  • Dealer Mode (W/R)
  • ?
  • ?


The YOSH-Plug at the Bike is a female 8-Pin Connector with yellow interior.
It's available at under Furukawa Sealed Connectors as Furukawa „RFW 8P090 Male“ for $10.28 (04.2013).

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