Seagate HDD

UART Diagnose

The UART (Serial) Pins are located at the 4 Pin Connector (Labeled Jumper Block) next to the SATA Connector.
Seagate UART Debug Pinout

Baud Rate: 38400
Bits: 8

Send Strg+Z (^z) to enter (Diagnose) Command Promt:

F3 T>


Seagate ST3750330AS

UART Output

Regular Startup

HDD is only connected to Power.

Rst 0x20M

HDD is connected to USB2SATA Device.

Rst 0x20M
(P) SATA Reset

(H) SATA Reset

(H) SATA Reset
Basic Infos

Send Strg+L (^l) Command for some basic Infos (enter Command Promt first):

F3 T>
M13T2 TetonST 2.0 SATA Moose Gen3.0(RAPfmt10)w/sdff(RV)
Product FamilyId: 27, MemberId: 03
HDA SN: XXXXXXXX, RPM: 7206, Wedges: 108, Heads: 6, Lbas: 575466F0, PreampType: 47 A8
PCBA SN: 0000XXXXXXXX, Controller: TETONST_2(639D)(3-0E-3-5), Channel: AGERE_COPPERHEAD_LITE, PowerAsic: MCKINLEY ENTERPRISE Rev 51, BufferBytes: 2000000
Package Version: MS011B.SDD1.AQ1700.SD1A    , Package P/N: 100556322, Package Builder ID: F1,
Package Build Date: 01/22/2009, Package Build Time: 15:50:36, Package CFW Version: MS01.SDD1.00139388.F100,
Package SFW1 Version: B100, Package SFW2 Version: C0FF, Package SFW3 Version: ----, Package SFW4 Version: ----
Controller FW Rev: 01221550, CustomerRel: SD1A, Changelist: 00139388, ProdType: MS01.SDD1, Date: 01/22/2009, Time: 155036, UserId: 00391559
Servo FW Rev: B100
RAP FW Implementation Key: FF, Format Rev: 0092, Contents Rev: 15 09 00 11
- Quadradic Equation AFH enabled
- VBAR with adjustable zone boundaries enabled
- Volume Based Sparing enabled
- IOEDC enabled
- IOECC enabled
- DERP Read Retries enabled
- LTTC-UDR2 compiled off

Firmware Version is SD1A.


Send ? Command:

F3 T>
Blks 000E24-000E24 (000001), BufAddr 001C4800-001C49FF, DBA 061C4800, BytesPerBlk 200 Online Cmd SDBP DFB
Blks 000E25-000E25 (000001), BufAddr 001C4A00-001C4BFF, DBA 061C4A00, BytesPerBlk 200 Cmd Input Buf
Blks 000E26-000E26 (000001), BufAddr 001C4C00-001C4DFF, DBA 061C4C00, BytesPerBlk 200 Diag Batch File
Blks 000E27-000E27 (000001), BufAddr 001C4E00-001C4FFF, DBA 061C4E00, BytesPerBlk 200
Blks 000E28-000E28 (000001), BufAddr 001C5000-001C51FF, DBA 061C5000, BytesPerBlk 200
Blks 000E29-000E29 (000001), BufAddr 001C5200-001C53FF, DBA 061C5200, BytesPerBlk 200
Blks 000E2A-000E2A (000001), BufAddr 001C5400-001C55FF, DBA 061C5400, BytesPerBlk 200
Blks 000E2B-000E2B (000001), BufAddr 001C5600-001C57FF, DBA 061C5600, BytesPerBlk 200
Blks 000E2C-000E2F (000004), BufAddr 001C5800-001C5FFF, DBA 061C5800, BytesPerBlk 200
Blks 000E30-000E33 (000004), BufAddr 001C6000-001C67FF, DBA 061C6000, BytesPerBlk 200
Blks 000E34-000E37 (000004), BufAddr 001C6800-001C6FFF, DBA 061C6800, BytesPerBlk 200
Blks 000E38-000E3B (000004), BufAddr 001C7000-001C77FF, DBA 061C7000, BytesPerBlk 200
Blks 000E3C-000E5B (000020), BufAddr 001C7800-001CB7FF, DBA 061C7800, BytesPerBlk 200 Diag Mode Cmd SDBP DFB
Blks 000E5C-000E7B (000020), BufAddr 001CB800-001CF7FF, DBA 061CB800, BytesPerBlk 200 Drive Geometry SDBP DSB
Blks 000E7C-000E9B (000020), BufAddr 001CF800-001D37FF, DBA 061CF800, BytesPerBlk 200 Ext Test Service SDBP DSB
Blks 000E9C-000EBB (000020), BufAddr 001D3800-001D77FF, DBA 061D3800, BytesPerBlk 200
Blks 000EBC-000F15 (00005A), BufAddr 001D7800-001E2BFF, DBA 061D7800, BytesPerBlk 200
Blks 000F16-000F6F (00005A), BufAddr 001E2C00-001EDFFF, DBA 061E2C00, BytesPerBlk 200
Blks 001708-001A99 (000392), BufAddr 002E1000-0035508F, DBA 062E1000, BytesPerBlk 208 Default Diag Rd Buf
Blks 001AAB-001E3C (000392), BufAddr 00355600-003C968F, DBA 06355600, BytesPerBlk 208 Default Diag Wrt Buf
Software Reset

Send Strg+C Command:

F3 T>
Spinning Down

Spin Down Complete
Elapsed Time 12.963 secs
Delaying 5000 msec

Jumping to Power On Reset
Rst 0x20M
(P) SATA Reset
Broken HDD
LED:000000CE FAddr:00280569
LED:000000CE FAddr:00280569
F3 T>/2

F3 2>Z

Spin Down Complete
Elapsed Time 0.144 msecs
F3 2>U

Error 1009 DETSEC 00006008
Spin Error
Elapsed Time 24.496 secs
R/W Status 2 R/W Error 84150180
F3 2>/1

F3 1>N1

Unable to load Diag Overlay

F3 1>/T

F3 T>i4,1,22

Unable to load Diag Overlay

F3 T>m0,2,2,,,,,22

Error 1008 DETSEC 0000500E Process Defect List Error
R/W Sense 00000002, R/W Error 841C0087, List Offset 00000000, File Error 00000001

Failed HDD

Model Firmware Time Error Comment
Seagate ST3750330AS SD15 about 1 Year Not recognised Very common failture with this Series and Firmware
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