Rigol DS1052E

My Scope

  • Purchased around 2010
  • Serial: DS1ED114810xxx
  • HW Version: 07
  • FW Version: (00.02.02 SP2)
  • DSP: 02.15
  • FPGA: 02.00
  • DS1502E to DS1102E (100MHz) Mod via modified Serial Number
  • Currently running Firmware:

Hardware Version

HW Version FW Version

System Info

Access Systeminfo via the Utiltiy Menu.

Extendend System Infos

At the „System Info“ Screen press the following Buttons in Order: CH1, CH1, CH2, CH2, MATH. The Screen will show more Informations like Power up times, full Firmware Version, DSP, FPGA and Hardware Version.

:!: WARNING: It's very important to exit the Extenden Systeminfo Menu via RUN/STOP Buttton, else its possible to change some Firmware settings.


Firmware Versions

Long Version Short Version Date Module Versions Build 00.04.02 SP1 2015-07-28 DSP: 00.00, FPGA: 03.07 May 28 2015 12:05:46 00.04.02 ? 2015-02-12 00.04.01 SP7 2014-08-26 DSP: 00.01, FPGA: 03.07
00.03.01 ? 2010 00.02.04 SP1 DSP: 02.20, FPGA: 02.00 00.02.02 SP2 2009 DSP: 02.15, FPGA: 02.00 00.02.02 SP1

Probably there are more Firmware Version release by Rigol.

DS1052E (50MHz) to DS1102E (100MHz) Firmware Hack

The Rigol DS1052E and DS1102E share the same Hardware.

If you can't connect to the DSO via Serial (RS-232) check your E/A Setting → RS-232 Baud Rate → 9600.

There are tree Different ways know to Hack the DSO:

  1. Software Hack - Change Serial and Model Number via Serial
    This Methode change your Serial Number from DS1EDxxx to DS1EBxxx via Serial Port. Only possible with Firmware Version
  2. Firmware Hack - Flash modded Firmware
    This Methode requires to Flash a modded Firmware
  3. Hardware Mod - Rewire Model delection Circuit
    This Methode requires soldering

Fan Replacement

I've replaced the Stock Fan with a silent Fan. Now its much more silent compared to Stock Fan. Cooling seems suficient enough for (short) usage.

Stock Fan: GLOFN GFA06015H12HZP, 60x60x15 mm, 5000 rpm, 36 dBa, 34m3/h, 12V DC
Replacement Fan: Cooltek Silent Fan 60, CT60BW, 60x60x25 mm, 2000 rpm, 13,2 dB(A), 25.6 m3/h, 15.1 CFM, 12V DC

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