Pioneer DEH-P7000UB


Pioneer DEH-P7000UB Front

Disable Display Invertation

This feature is really annoying!


  • Switch the radio off
  • Press BAND/ESC Key
  • Low Beep = Disabled
  • High Beep = Enabled

My Radio

  • Pioneer DEH-P7000UB
  • MFD Date: October 2008
  • Serial: HJTM049XXXEW

I'm using this Head Unit constantly for the last 6-7 Years (2008 - 2015) in various Cars. Still a good Radio in terms of Speed, Build Quality and Sound. Sadly it does not support FLAC.

I'm about to replace it with the Pioneer DEH-80PRS (Basicly the successor of the Pioneer DEH-P7000UB). This one does FLAC, Bluetooth and other nice stuff. Buildquality does no look as nice as the DEH-P7000UB.

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