Enttec DMXIS

Enttec Hardware and Software for DMX-512.

Hardware v1.5



  • FTDI FT245RL
  • Atmel ATMEGA88PA @ 6 MHz
  • SN75176B (DMX Transreceiver)
  • 3x 6N137 (Optocoupler)
  • B0505T-1W (DC-DC Converter)
  • Atmel ISP Header 6-Pin


  • Serial Input from FTDI on PD3
  • ATmega generate DMX through TXD (PD1)
  • PD2 ?
  • PD6 ?


Enttec PRO-Manager

Enttec PRO-Manager to test, upgrade and configure ENTTEC DMX-USB devices (Download includes Firmware Binary)

Enttec DMXIS

Enttec DMXIS Standalone and VST


  • Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\ENTTEC\DMXIS
  • DMX Fixture Library: C:\Program Files (x86)\ENTTEC\DMXIS\DmxLibrary
  • Shows, Banks & Presets: C:\Users\Public\Documents\ENTTEC\DMXIS
  • Python Macros: C:\Program Files (x86)\ENTTEC\DMXIS\Macros


Preset File (prt)
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<DbAudiowarePreset product="DMXIS" major="1" minor="3" patch="0" name="CM All C1 Full" algoname="DMXIS">
        <Param nm="1" v="1.000000" cc="-1" nrpn="-1" ch="0" />
        <c n="0" t="0" a="0.500000" p="0.000000" s="7" tm="10.000000" sh="0.500000" i="0" en="1" fa="1.000000" fr="49.987503" fg="0.000000" fd="0" ff="0" />
Parameter Description
nm Parameter Name
en Enabled (Non Masked Channel)
i Invert
fg Level
ff EQ Band
fa Attack
fr Release
fd Direction
t Oszilator Type
a Oszilator Amount
p Oszilator Chase
s Oszilator Speed
sh Oszilator Shape
v Value
cc Controller



  • Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\ENTTEC\DMXIS\Macros
  • Mac OSX Macintosh HD: /Library/Application Support/ENTTEC/DMXIS/Macros
Functions Reference
Function Name Return
print ? Debug Output

= Channel Selection =

Function Name Return
GetNumSelCh() integer Returns the number of currently selected channel faders
GetSelCh(integer idx) integer Returns the DMX channel offset of a selected channel. idx = 0 to GetNumSelCh return value minus 1
SelectCh(integer ch, integer sel) - Selects or deselects the fader for the given DMX channel. ch = 0 to 511. sel = 0 (deselect the fader) or 1 (select the fader)
GetAllSelCh() range ? Function in

= Channel Names =

GetChName(integer ch) string Returns the name of the given DMX channel. Useful for macros that only work on specific channel types (e.g. „Pan“ or „Tilt“ channels)

= General Channel Settings =

GetChVal(integer ch) integer Gets the fader level for the given DMX channel. ch = 0 to 511
SetChVal(integer ch, integer val) - Sets the fader level for the given DMX channel. ch = 0 to 511. val = 0 to 255
SetChInvert(integer ch, integer val) - Modifies the 'Invert' knob value level for a given DMX channel. ch = 0 to 511. val = 0 (invert off) or 1 (invert on)
GetChInvert(integer ch) integer Retrieves the 'Invert' knob value level for a given DMX channel

= Channel Masking =

SetChEnabled(integer ch, integer val) - Enables a given DMX channel. This is used to implement the critical „channel masking“ feature of DMXIS. ch = 0 to 511. val = 0 (channel disabled) or 1 (channel enabled)
GetChEnabled(integer ch) integer


Channel Function Ableton Live
15 Select Bank Select first Bank with Note C-2 (Ableton Live)
16 Select Preset Select first Preset with Note C-2 (Ableton Live)
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